Humanitarian, Historian, Athlete & Advocate

Pardeep Singh Nagra

He is also a MOTIVATIONAL & PUBLIC SPEAKER whose talks have been known to be a knockout!


My Story

Pardeep continues to be regarded as a positive role model and productive member of Canadian Society. Pardeep continues to dream the Canadian dream, peace, prosperity, and happiness, and struggle the Canadian struggle, rights, equality and nationhood.

I was born in the land of the Five Rivers.

I moved to Canada.

I lived in Malton State.

I now live in the Province of the Five Lakes in the town of the 6.

I acknowledge the traditional Indigenous lands and territories of Canada.

I am on a path of reconciliation.

I am a researcher, historian and curator of Canadian and Diaspora Sikhs.

I enjoy toy soldiers and have a nice collection.

I love sports and enjoy playing soccer, ball hockey, and boxsingh.

I like to run and run and run all the way to the Boston Marathon.

I enjoy bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles.

I am most happy in my three stripes.

I have two beautiful children, a wonderful family, and great friends.

I write articles and give talks about the things I see.

I sometimes give longer talks too. You should book me.

I served with Peel Regional Police.

I even spoke at the Pentagon.

I am the ED of SHMC, and Manager of Employment Equity at TDSB.

I am here to make a life, not money.

I am a devil trying to turn over a new leaf.

I have a moustache and big beard, not for Movember but January.

I have a more detailed Bio if you’re into that sort of thing.


Boxing Journey

Pardeep S. Nagra grew up as a very talented multi-sport athlete, enjoying success in soccer, wrestling, running, tennis, badminton, and ball hockey. One evening, when Pardeep was playing soccer, he sustained a shoulder injury, an injury that would not heal and eventually require surgery. When the surgery was finally scheduled Pardeep found himself in a dilemma. He was just in the middle of being recruited as an Auxiliary Officer with Peel Regional Police and in training, thus could not be absent. As a result he chose to continue with the Police training right after surgery and forgo rehab. Once the training was completed, Pardeep joined a boxing gym to rehab the shoulder, they rest as they say is History!

Pardeep joins Jamestown and Champion Boxing gym with Coach Dewith Frazer, and trainers John Melich and Rafael Delgado.


Prior to starting to compete, Pardeep challenges the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association with respect to it’s rule prohibiting facial hair, specifically a beard. A motion gets put before the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association at its Annual General Meeting to allow an exemption for beards based on religious grounds. Although the motion is defeated 9-6, it gives Pardeep momentum to continue.


Pardeep files an Ontario Human Rights complaint against Boxing Ontario and is successful in a mediated resolution to amend the rules to allow for an exemption for a beard.

Pardeep wins the Provincial Novice Championships.


Pardeep is the representative for Ontario at the National Championships as a lead up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Pardeep is refused to box at the National Championships.

Pardeep receives an unprecedented court injunction to allow him to compete at the National Championships.

Canadian Amateur Boxing Association refuses to accept the court order and cancels the whole weight class.

Pardeep’s life is threatened.


Pardeep returns to court to get a full decision against Canadian Amateur Boxing Association to amend the facial hair rule to include beards.

Trivial Pursuit includes a question on Pardeep in it’s Genus V edition.

Pardeep’s story is featured in a history text book – Canada A Nation Unfolding ~ by McGraw Hill Ryerson

Pop culture book One Thousand Beards: A cultural history of facial hair, by Allan Peterkin features Pardeep’s story


Pardeep retires from boxing after his last win.

Nelson publishing produces it history textbook, Canada Our Century Our Story, featuring Pardeep on the cover with Canadian icons including Prime Ministers, and Canadian moments including the Paul Henderson Summit Series goal. As well as a feature article on Pardeep.


Pardeep’s boxing story is featured in the History and Culture of Facial Hair.


Pardeep is featured in a Civics textbook, by McGraw Hill Ryerson for his continued work in Human rights.

Pardeep is a keynote speaker for the year of sport in Canada at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and discusses his boxing journey.


Filming starts for the Hollywood biopic film – Tiger, on the boxing life of Pardeep S. Nagra.


Pardeep assists in getting the beard ban removed in the UK with England Boxing.

Pardeep is working on getting the beard ban removed internationally.

The film Tiger is set to be released Nov 30, 2018.

A book is also in the works.


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