Pardeep has always been a fan of General Motors (GM).  Whether it be the Oldsmobile line, the Buick Line, the Cadillac line, or the classic Chevrolet line, he just couldn’t get enough of these vehicles.  So much so, that he has had over 30 cars in the last 20 years and at its peak 12 at once! 

Speed, muscle and good looks…no Pardeep is not talking about himself, but rather the cars.  Who would have thought that his first car purchased for him by his dad at age 14 – a 1969 Cutlass Supreme with a 350 Rocket engine would be the start of things to come. It soon would be no match for his 1970 Cutlass SX with a 455 monster plus Nitrous. 

Not to be outdone, the first lowrider came into being…yes a 1964 Impala or simply put a Six Four! The Toronto and Canada lowrider landscape would be changed forever.

The flood gates soon opened, and may other Cutlasses, Impalas, Cadillacs, and Grand Nationals would soon follow. Put into the mix were a few motorcycles and bicycles with air-ride and hydraulics to boot.

Pardeep has always said, I would rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford.  It is still true.  Enjoy some pics of Pardeep’s car journey.