Three Stripe Life

Three Stripe Life

Adidas…All Day I Dream About Sports 

Pardeep recently went shopping at an Adidas store and after making his purchase the items he bought were placed in a bag with the following quote written on it “ONLY THE BEST FOR THE ATHLETE”.  Pardeep could not agree with it more!

Since his childhood, Pardeep has always had a fascination with sport as an athlete and an infinity with the sports apparel of Adidas.   Little did he know that the same brand with three stripes would also collaborate with many of his life mentors of human rights and justice from Bob Marley, to Mohamed Ali, to Nelson Mandela (46664 project) and would bring his world full circle with Adidas.

A special thanks to Frank as SVP Sports you have set up Pardeep’s three stripe life well!

As said by Run- D.M.C.  in the Song My Adidas, here is Pardeep’s anthem to Adidas.

My Adidas and me close as can be

We make a mean team, my Adidas and me

We get around together, we down forever

And we won’t be mad when caught in bad weather

My Adidas… my Adidas…

Me and my Adidas do the illest things

We slay all suckers who perpetrate

And lay down law from state to state

We travel on gravel, dirt road or street

I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat

On stage front page, every show I go

It’s Adidas on my feet, high top or low

My Adidas… my Adidas…

Now the Adidas I possess for one man is rare

Myself homeboy got 50 pair ( Pardeep does really do have 50 pairs…he counted)

Got blue and black, cause I likes to chill

And yellow and green when it’s time to get ill

My Adidas, only bring good news

And they are not used as felon shoes

My Adidas are seen on the movie screen

Hollywood knows we’re good if you know what I mean.