Motivational & Public Speaking

Motivational & Public Speaking

When others talk about Pardeep, qualities such as personal excellence, team work, community leadership and literally fighting for his rights are highly spoken. Full of energy, passion and real life experiences, Pardeep’s talks focus on inspiring each of us to not only be our best selves, but to also serve others and build community. His passion is highly contagious and impactful and can make people laugh and think simultaneously.

An award winning and truly unique speaker Pardeep has commanded audiences from the Boardrooms of corporate Canada, to the halls of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, to the children in a daycare and classroom. He has even addressed audiences at the Pentagon, World UN Conference, and the World Parliament of Religions.

Pardeep is the ideal keynote speaker, motivational speaker or professional speaker for your corporate or association event. A renowned national and international speaker, Pardeep has delivered many keynote addresses and has engaged many people with his empowering and inspiring thoughts drawn from his varied journeys with over 300 talks.

Pardeep has written many articles and has appeared in national and international media. He is featured in many articles in the National Post, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, appeared on various T.V. shows and programs including CBC, Global, CTV, OMNI, Rogers, and TSN and radio including CBC.

His work and stories are featured in History Textbooks and most recently Pardeep’s life story has been made into a feature Hollywood film titled Tiger based on the true story of Pardeep’s foray into Boxing.  This is what makes Pardeep’s talks a knockout!

Do you know the answer to the following Trivial Pursuit question about Pardeep?

What did the Canadian Amateur Boxing association want Sikh boxer Pardeep Singh Nagra to remove before entering the ring?